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April Promotions

This month we have special promotions for all our online Customers. We have created these Promotions to best suit your needs, but also as the best response to the current events.

We also recommend Vitamin C Direct to all customers who use Calmid preparations as an excellent support in resolving the symptoms caused by stress. Furthermore, this month we are approving as much as a 15% discount for the purchase of these two products with free delivery on this LINK 🡸

Stress is an adaptive response of organism to environmental stressors. The evoked response is psychological and necessary in surviving and overcoming difficulties. Chronic exposure to stress, especially in a COVID environment, and also, all other challenges directly or indirectly in a relationship with it, can cause an improper response that can be very detrimental to health. Some of the important stress-induced alterations are often detected in form of migraines, sleep and eating disorders, immune system dysregulation, and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, as well as symptoms of depression and anxiety. The impact of these symptoms on the health system is a limiting factor for the well-being of people, and as such is directly related to behavioral and cognitive functions. Nowadays, they also represent some of the predominant causes of other social and economic problems.

Several clinical studies have directly linked vitamin C deficiency to a wide range of stress-induced complications, stating that vitamin C supplementation produces a rapid therapeutic response to problems related to change of mood and anxiety.

Vitamin C stimulates the resorption of iron in the body. The use of VITAMMINE C DIRECT together with Fe +Lactoferrin, achieves more efficient use of iron in the body, and at the same time stimulates immunity. Also, Acerola, which is a natural source of vitamin C, and is found in the preparation VITAMMINE C DIRECT, is used in cases of anemia, further enhances the effectiveness of the preparation Fe + Lactoferrin.

This combination of products is at a special discount all month, so with a 15% discount and free shipping, you should not miss the great offer of these two unique products at this LINK 🡸

Categories Anemia, Anxiety and stress, Immunity, NEW

A full-time vitamin


20 sachets of powder for direct oral use

Following the requirements of dietary supplements users, we have developed a new form of Vitamin C for oral use using the latest M.A.T.R.I.S Technology.

Vitamin C is an essential component needed by our body to keep the immune system awake. However, in order to obtain the full effectiveness of Vitamin C, and in order to make it completely pharmacologically successful, it is necessary for the organism to receive the correct dosage during the day, which in the case of VITAMMINE C -TIME RELEASE DIRECT is achieved by proper time of its decomposition through 8 hours during the day.

According to the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS), Vitamin C belongs to Class I. This means that it has the highest levels of solubility, high permeability and bioavailability. Timely decomposition is provided by coating the active principle with a membrane that allows time-uniform permeability and its release in the body. According to a clinical study, the effect starts immediately after ingestion and reaches its maximum availability in the body within 60 minutes of ingestion, acts at full capacity during 8 hours.

Unlike conventional forms, Vitamin C made by M.A.T.R.I.S technology is coated with a special membrane that allows the distribution of the substance throughout the gastrointestinal tract, thus avoiding rapid metabolism and loss of absorption, which thus contributes to the therapeutic efficacy of the supplement.

Also, what VITAMMINE C DIRECT brings is comfort in use, without need for any amount of water and in any place. The contents of the sac are placed directly on the tongue from where it is resorbed further into the body.

In addition to being effective, VITAMMINE C DIRECT also has a pleasant taste of pomegranate fruit.

VITAMMINE C DIRECT also contains acerola– a natural source of vitamin C, which is better absorbed in the body than synthetic molecules. It contains up to 20 times higher concentration of vitamin C than lemon.


Adults and children over 6 years- pour the contents of the sachet directly on the tongue, melt gently in the mouth and swallow it without using liquid.

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSAGE: 1 sachet of VITAMMINE C DIRECT satisfies the body’s daily need for vitamin C.

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A smile is more beautiful with NICE

We spoke with Katarina Čorlija Karadžić, MD- from the practice “Viva Dental & Aesthetic Medicine” (29 Dimitrija Tucovića, Belgrade). MD, Katarina Čorlija Karadžić is a Doctor of Oral Health- Dentist, and a certified anti-aging injector of Aesthetic Medicine. She talked to us about the ways to preserve youth and natural beauty in a safe, and above all, healthy way.

“The synergy of modern Anti-Aging and Medicine is extremely important. Aesthetic Medicine is primarily a preventive branch of medicine; thanks to which we discover the mechanisms of gradual transition from youth to old age. It is based on research, finding and applying non-invasive treatments in order to improve the looks of the patients, as well as their personal satisfaction. “- said the doctor. While answering to our question about the role of collagen in anti-age treatments, the doctor continues: ’Collagen, as the most abundant protein in our body has very important roles. Most treatments in Aesthetic Medicine are based on increasing collagen production and reactivation of its synthesis. Some of the most common treatments that stimulate collagen production, and thus improve skin quality, are biorevitalization, chemical peels, dermapen, injectable collagen stimulators, as well as treatments, that use medical devices, such as laser rejuvenation and radiowave lifting. “

We also asked the doctor to share her experiences and recommendations regarding the use of NICE collagen with us, to which the doctor firstly shared her personal experience: “My personal experience, as well as that of my patients, is exceptional. After 3 months of using Nice Collagen, we noticed a brighter complexion, brighter and hydrated skin, and deep wrinkles were alleviated. There are also noticeable positive effects on hair and nails. “

Read the specific recommendations regarding the use of NICE collagen:

How long has NICE collagen been used?

  • I advise my patients to take collagen regularly for the period of 3 months for the best effects.

What are your tips in applying Nice Collagen?

  • I do not recommend the use of collagen to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as to patients allergic to fish. Also, caution should be exercised in some kidney patients.

How to properly use Nice Collagen?

  • My advice is to take collagen before going to bed, because regenerative processes take place during the night. People who train can take it an hour before training because that reduces the risk of injuries.

Use of collagen in dentistry

  • Collagen is the main constituent of the extracellular matrix of the gingiva (gum), but it is also present in the teeth (dentin and cementum). Periodontitis is a very common disease, consisting of several stages. Inflammation of the gums and bleeding appear first, and if you do not react in time, the gums withdraw, periodontal pockets are formed, disintegration of the teeth and at the very end of tooth loss. With gingivitis, there is a change in the organization and density of collagen. It has been proven that the use of collagen accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue and accelerates the healing process of gingivitis and periodontitis with an appropriate dental treatment.

The great news for all users of our NICE loyalty card is that in the practice “Viva Dental & Aesthetic Medicine” (29 Dimitrija Tucovića, Belgrade) with the card they will get a 20% discount on all anti-age treatments, and a 10% discount on all dental treatments.

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Nice to see You

The concept of beauty, especially that relating to female beauty, has changed over time. However, what has not changed is skin care, because well-groomed skin and its radiant appearance have always been an imperative of beauty. That imperishable beauty is the one that comes from the beauty of the personality and the richness of the spirit. Let us say that we will agree with all that, but we will also defend the thesis that taking care of yourself is equally important.

Hence, the story of the imperishability of beauty is not just a mere fantasy or a reflection of vanity. The beauty that does not pass is the one that turns time into an ally, not an enemy, the traces of time into a medal and a confirmation of experience, as well as into awareness that the years you are in are exactly the best years of your life.

At the end of this long introduction, the most important thing is how do we feed ourselves – spiritually and physically. That is why the first thing we wish to tell you – yes – time can go back. It’s never too late to fall in love with yourself or someone else from the beginning, to enroll the college, start a dance or a sculpture course, to run a marathon or win a karaoke competition. Also, it is never too late to start consuming products that will help you alleviate the traces of time.

Unfortunately, our body already starts after the age of 25 to reduce the production of elastin and collagen (it decreases by an average of 1 – 1.5% per year). Then the first wrinkles appear around the eyes and lips, regions where the facial muscles are constantly working.
In addition to age, there are other factors that accelerate the aging process. Some of them are: insufficient sleep, sun exposure without a sun protective factor, improper skin care, unhealthy habits such as -smoking, improper diet, stress and more. Numerous cosmetic companies offer solutions to this problem in the form of “anti-age” treatments or anti-wrinkle preparations. This does not mean that these are empty promises when it comes to performance, but the fact is that they are all based on the external removal of visible signs of aging.

Now is the time to ask ourselves, can we restore the radiance and freshness of the skin in some other way?

The answer lies in collagen, the most abundant protein in our body. After the age of 30, skin begins to lose volume, and its ability to regenerate naturally decreases, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles. As collagen makes the skin taut, firm and smooth, the findings of several studies have found that collagen drinks can replace collagen deposits and create new amounts of protein that will rejuvenate the skin. In this way, collagen is returned into the skin and keeps it fresh from inside, making it silky and beautiful. A particularly important item when it comes to women is that collagen reduces cellulite and stretch marks. It also strengthens nails and hair, and restores their lost shine. In addition to aesthetic properties, it has a positive effect on the condition of the entire organism, such as healthy bones and regeneration, fast wound healing, helping the body to successfully dissolve fats, as well as to improve antibacterial abilities.

Nice Collagen contains hydrolyzed fish collagen with the addition of nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, copper and zinc) and is absorbed 1.5 more efficiently compared to other collagens of animal origin. It is considered the best source of collagen for medical purposes as well as the safest and purest bioavailable collagen.


The recommendation is one sachet per day.
Dissolve the contents of the sachet (8g) in 200 ml cold water and stir well.
Always consume a freshly prepared drink.

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NICE to meet You

We are very pleased that in this month, the month dedicated to women and their health, beauty, success – in a word to women as inspiration, we have a new member of our online store – NICE collagen. NICE has been a part of our family for some time, and already has an army of loyal customers, so our happiness is even greater because it is here for you from now on.

Read More NICE to meet You

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From now on, our products are also available on Bosnia and Herzegovina market

Dear customers and users,

We are very pleased to inform you that Mintmedic products are now available on Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

Thanks to our partner, the Company ICM from Bijeljina, you can purchase our products in Expera and Rosić Pharmacies.

Follow us on our web-site and social networks where we will regularly inform you about news and activities related to our products. We thank you for your trust, and we will continue to work on preserving your health as we have done it before.

Your Mintmedic Team

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Vitamin D belongs to the group of liposoluble vitamins with proven biological effects. It is synthesized in the skin under the action of ultraviolet rays, and two forms are present in the diet: vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol), which originates from plants, and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is formed from cholesterol in animal and plant tissues.


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Iron (Fe) with lactoferrin

An innovative dietary supplement that contains iron, vitamin B12, vitamin C, folic acid and lactoferrin. It is recommended as a prevention or support for therapy in conditions of anemia caused by iron deficiency, additional iron intake during pregnancy, breastfeeding, due to surgery, blood loss, inadequate nutrition or increased needs in children.