We spoke with Katarina Čorlija Karadžić, MD- from the practice “Viva Dental & Aesthetic Medicine” (29 Dimitrija Tucovića, Belgrade). MD, Katarina Čorlija Karadžić is a Doctor of Oral Health- Dentist, and a certified anti-aging injector of Aesthetic Medicine. She talked to us about the ways to preserve youth and natural beauty in a safe, and above all, healthy way.

“The synergy of modern Anti-Aging and Medicine is extremely important. Aesthetic Medicine is primarily a preventive branch of medicine; thanks to which we discover the mechanisms of gradual transition from youth to old age. It is based on research, finding and applying non-invasive treatments in order to improve the looks of the patients, as well as their personal satisfaction. “- said the doctor. While answering to our question about the role of collagen in anti-age treatments, the doctor continues: ’Collagen, as the most abundant protein in our body has very important roles. Most treatments in Aesthetic Medicine are based on increasing collagen production and reactivation of its synthesis. Some of the most common treatments that stimulate collagen production, and thus improve skin quality, are biorevitalization, chemical peels, dermapen, injectable collagen stimulators, as well as treatments, that use medical devices, such as laser rejuvenation and radiowave lifting. “

We also asked the doctor to share her experiences and recommendations regarding the use of NICE collagen with us, to which the doctor firstly shared her personal experience: “My personal experience, as well as that of my patients, is exceptional. After 3 months of using Nice Collagen, we noticed a brighter complexion, brighter and hydrated skin, and deep wrinkles were alleviated. There are also noticeable positive effects on hair and nails. “

Read the specific recommendations regarding the use of NICE collagen:

How long has NICE collagen been used?

  • I advise my patients to take collagen regularly for the period of 3 months for the best effects.

What are your tips in applying Nice Collagen?

  • I do not recommend the use of collagen to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as to patients allergic to fish. Also, caution should be exercised in some kidney patients.

How to properly use Nice Collagen?

  • My advice is to take collagen before going to bed, because regenerative processes take place during the night. People who train can take it an hour before training because that reduces the risk of injuries.

Use of collagen in dentistry

  • Collagen is the main constituent of the extracellular matrix of the gingiva (gum), but it is also present in the teeth (dentin and cementum). Periodontitis is a very common disease, consisting of several stages. Inflammation of the gums and bleeding appear first, and if you do not react in time, the gums withdraw, periodontal pockets are formed, disintegration of the teeth and at the very end of tooth loss. With gingivitis, there is a change in the organization and density of collagen. It has been proven that the use of collagen accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissue and accelerates the healing process of gingivitis and periodontitis with an appropriate dental treatment.

The great news for all users of our NICE loyalty card is that in the practice “Viva Dental & Aesthetic Medicine” (29 Dimitrija Tucovića, Belgrade) with the card they will get a 20% discount on all anti-age treatments, and a 10% discount on all dental treatments.

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