BABY Instant Tea 25g


Baby tea (dose or bag) contains Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) fruit extract produced according to standards of the Highest Quality and Safety, which is very important given that the product is intended for the most vulnerable population – babies and toddlers.

Cramps in babies are a reaction to pain and a physiological phenomenon that causes the child to cry and cramp his legs. Sometimes it is useful to gently rock the baby or massage the abdomen with light movements, but proper nutrition of mom and baby is of great importance.



Dissolve one full tablespoon (or one sachet) in 150 ml of boiled and then chilled water. Cool the beverage to room temperature. Fennel fruit contains dextrose and no additional sweetening is required.


Baby Tea (dose or bag) contains Fennel fruit extract produced according to GRAS standards prescribed by the US Food and Drug Administration.


Baby Instant Tea can be used from the second week (in consultation with a Pediatrician), one dose per day. Recommended dose for children up to 4 years, 1 sachet / dose per day, for children older than 4 years 1-2 sachets per day. Always offer the child a freshly prepared drink.