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A full-time vitamin


20 sachets of powder for direct oral use

Following the requirements of dietary supplements users, we have developed a new form of Vitamin C for oral use using the latest M.A.T.R.I.S Technology.

Vitamin C is an essential component needed by our body to keep the immune system awake. However, in order to obtain the full effectiveness of Vitamin C, and in order to make it completely pharmacologically successful, it is necessary for the organism to receive the correct dosage during the day, which in the case of VITAMMINE C -TIME RELEASE DIRECT is achieved by proper time of its decomposition through 8 hours during the day.

According to the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS), Vitamin C belongs to Class I. This means that it has the highest levels of solubility, high permeability and bioavailability. Timely decomposition is provided by coating the active principle with a membrane that allows time-uniform permeability and its release in the body. According to a clinical study, the effect starts immediately after ingestion and reaches its maximum availability in the body within 60 minutes of ingestion, acts at full capacity during 8 hours.

Unlike conventional forms, Vitamin C made by M.A.T.R.I.S technology is coated with a special membrane that allows the distribution of the substance throughout the gastrointestinal tract, thus avoiding rapid metabolism and loss of absorption, which thus contributes to the therapeutic efficacy of the supplement.

Also, what VITAMMINE C DIRECT brings is comfort in use, without need for any amount of water and in any place. The contents of the sac are placed directly on the tongue from where it is resorbed further into the body.

In addition to being effective, VITAMMINE C DIRECT also has a pleasant taste of pomegranate fruit.

VITAMMINE C DIRECT also contains acerola– a natural source of vitamin C, which is better absorbed in the body than synthetic molecules. It contains up to 20 times higher concentration of vitamin C than lemon.


Adults and children over 6 years- pour the contents of the sachet directly on the tongue, melt gently in the mouth and swallow it without using liquid.

RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSAGE: 1 sachet of VITAMMINE C DIRECT satisfies the body’s daily need for vitamin C.

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