We are very pleased that in this month, the month dedicated to women and their health, beauty, success – in a word to women as inspiration, we have a new member of our online store – NICE collagen. NICE has been a part of our family for some time, and already has an army of loyal customers, so our happiness is even greater because it is here for you from now on.

Nice Collagen – contains 5g Naticol® hydrolyzed fish collagen, with the addition of nutrients (Vitamin C, Vitamin E, copper and zinc). Based upon clinical studies, after its daily application in period of 8 weeks, it stimulates skin regeneration, reduces wrinkles and improves tightness and hair and nails structure. Naticol®-hydrolyzed fish collagen type I has a low molecular weight, better absorption compared to other collagens of animal origin, it is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently. It is considered as the best source of collagen for medical purposes and the safest and purest biologically available collagen.

In March, we have prepared a promotional discount of 20% for all our customers, old and new. The great news for all NICE loyalty card users is that your cards are still valid, only in March the discounts are not added up, but after this period you will find a lot of wonderful surprises and benefits with your NICE card.

NICE to meet you????

Have a happy every day and every month, and let this one be a special one because we started a new acquaintance together.

If you want to learn more about NICE collagen, follow this LINK and you will find many useful contents and topics.

Your NICE and MintMedic team

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