Do you suffer from joint pain? Osteoporosis is the most common joint disease. It is estimated that 45 to 70% of people in Serbia aged 45 to 75 suffer from this disease, while in the population older than 75, that percentage is as high as 80%. Of that number, about 375,000 are women. According to the latest research, that number will double in the next 50 years due to the aging of the population and the influence of factors such as the modern way of life.

Joint – how does it work?

Joints are the points where bones connect between themselves and allow movement. Because of their important and complex role, their health is crucial for us to move around. Joint problems can significantly make it difficult to move or completely disable it, and thus, they have a great effect on the quality of life. At the ends of the bones, at the places where they touch, a gelatinous construction is placed – a cartilage, as we call it.

How do we recognize the problem?

Initially, cartilage damage leads to inflammation of the joints. Then, often there are further complications. It is good to know that these processes can be significantly slowed down and mitigated.

What people can have problems with joint damage?

Joint problems are one of the most common reasons for going to the doctor in recent times, as the body ages, the problems are more complex. However, it is wrong to think that only the elderly people have joint problems, everyone can have problems. The most sensitive groups are those in which the pressure on the joints is increased. These are people with increased physical movement (athletes above all) and overweight people. However, more and more often, these problems appear as a consequence of autoimmune and other related diseases.

How to help yourself and improve joint function?

It is best if we act preventively. If you belong to a risky part of the population, it is necessary to take appropriate measures immediately. Specific recommendations are:

1.Weight loss – being overweight is a big burden on the joints.

2.Regular movement or exercise – makes muscles, ligaments and tendons flexible, and thus reduces the load on the joints.

3.Proper nutrition rich with supplements- the use of ingredients that help regenerate bones and joints and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

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