About Us

About us


The Mint Pharm Company from Bačka Palanka made its first steps within the Fructus System, the largest domestic and regional Tea Producer, in response to market demands for the production of pharmaceutical forms, primarily the service production of Dietary Supplements. Over the time, a successful team of professionals from the Mint Pharm Company has become well known beyond the borders of our country. Due to the increasingly complex requirements and expansion of the Company, in 2017 the part of the Fructus System that produces Dietary Supplements became independent, and in the same year Mint Pharm was created.

Today, Mint Pharm is a modern Company that uses Technology and Professional Staff for accomplishing noble purposes, we use help of Science in order to return people to Nature and Health, also, we use precise Technological Procedures and the highest quality Ingredients in our products in order to improve the quality of life of our customers.

That is why we in the Mint Pharm team say that we do not offer Customers products, but the opportunity to improve the quality of life by achieving more active and longer life.

The great number of our satisfied Partners and Customers are proof that we are on the right track.

Mintmedic, a brand of Mint Pharm, is the bearer of the Company’s idea of a modern, innovative portfolio of products that meet the needs of the most demanding users, and above all, those who care about their health, as well as the health of their loved ones.

We are a reliable partner in the process of treatment and preservation of health, as for the doctors and pharmacists, as well as all users of our preparations.

Professional Consultations

You are not sure which product to buy, you need an advice on using the product or have another problem? Our expert team is here to respond to all your needs.

Our Values

We believe that Health Care is the most important task of each of us, and that by believing in the right things we contribute not only through our products but also through the relationship we nurture with the Environment, Partners, Customers and Users of our Products and Services.

Good Energy

We believe that a positive attitude is the half of health, as well as – do good expect good, so good energy is the driver of all our activities.


Mutual trust is the most important part of the value exchange process in every relationship, so it is important for us to trust each other.


Over the years, we mature and change, progress and learn about ourselves and others, so we review all our decisions through our experience.


Our aim is to be available to all our Partners, both through Logistics and Procedures, and through competitive Market positions.


We research, analyze, check, always look for new and innovative products that will be the right answer to even the most demanding markets.


We are always consistent, honest and confident in ourselves, as well as that everything we do must meet the highest criteria of the best Business practice.